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annieleescore:5.0 / 52023-03-21
It's almost one of my most satisfying hotel experiences so far. First of all, the location is excellent. It's located on Yuyuan Road, very close to the subway station. It's very convenient to go to Nanjing West Road, people's Square and other popular business districts. Moreover, the road is very quiet, which can be regarded as quiet in the middle of trouble. The luxury big bed room is also excellent. There are refrigerators, washing machines, disinfecting cupboards and so on. The service was also very considerate. The room was very clean. Many of the details of the room are very warm, really feel at home, can be said to be very cost-effective. I want to live here again next time I come to Shanghai~
gorillaxingxingscore:5.0 / 52023-03-13
Very warm
e00211526score:5.0 / 52023-03-04
Home appliances are quite complete. I bought things from the supermarket at entrance 2 of the subway and made them myself at night. It's good. The tableware disinfection cabinet is good, but it almost didn't clean the dishes when the detergent left
BybeDanascore:1.0 / 52023-02-20
Convenient transportation, located in the downtown, the room is clean and sanitary.
e00189954score:4.3 / 52023-02-19
all good, very goof value and location, convenient services nearby such as 24 hour convenient store, restuarants, subway etc
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